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MRI showed compressed and pinched section of spine between S1 and L5.
Have being seeing Dr. Shin every time I visit Palm Springs as I've had such good luck with him in the past.

I would say I probably had 6-8? treatments with him from ~Nov to March.

Recently got an MRI update - Doc. said I'm not sure what you are doing but the area between the 2 vertebrae has improved and is no longer pinching the nerves.  Asked if I was seeing a chiro, I said no - just Dr. Shin!  He is the best!

Sarra S.

Palm Springs, CA

Dr. Shin is an amazing practitioner and healer performing acupuncture, cupping, and other modalities relieving known pains and unknown blocks along various meridians of the body.  He is patient, kind and easy to get in and see. He does not take insurance but one can obtain a super-bill for reimbursement. You will not be disappointed as I've been seeing him for various health related issues, i.e. shoulder, neck, back, and stress with great outcomes after each visit for the past year! If you are experiencing any pain emotional, acute or chronic he's the practitioner you will want to see. Your body will thank you!

K Magdalena A.

Palm Springs, CA

He's truly incredible! Without a doubt, I will do acupuncture for the rest of my life for muscle pain relief and mental pain relief ;) But honestly I wish I'd tried acupuncture sooner. It's magic & Dr Shin is the REAL deal.

Jennifer V.

Palm Springs, CA

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